So, I was informed that there would be a whole page that would be called, “About ME”. Obviously I was looking forward to tell you that my name is Elana Mazal-Tov Madeleine Sarah Pinto. I am 5’4. I am a girl. I have hazel/green eyes and blondish hair. I am guilty of slight OCD issues. Curiosity is what feeds this cat. A lover of life and beautiful things. Happiness is found wherever you place it. Cooking is making friends with your dented spatula (ehem, I never used it against a pot as a drumstick). Baking is combining sugar and love. I am a closet reader of Shakespeare and/or old emails. I knit/crochet when I want to feel young and I absolutely love the people that I love.  I can go on and on but then this would become a Biography. Lets save that for another time 🙂

P.S. The definition of Madeleine is; a small rich cake. 

Madeleine is also the name of my grandmother which I am named after.


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